Quotes Di Film Wedding Agreement

“Quotes di film Wedding Agreement”: Memorable Lines from a Romantic Indonesian Movie

Wedding Agreement is a 2019 Indonesian romantic drama film directed by Archie Hekagery. The movie, which stars Refal Hady and Indah Permatasari, is based on a bestselling novel by Mia Chuz. It tells the story of a young woman named Tari who is forced into a marriage of convenience with a stranger named Bian. As the two navigate their new relationship, they face many challenges and learn to appreciate each other`s strengths.

One of the highlights of Wedding Agreement is its memorable lines, or quotes, that capture the emotions and themes of the story. These quotes have become popular among fans of the movie and have been widely shared on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. In this article, we`ll explore some of the most memorable “quotes di film Wedding Agreement” and what they reveal about the movie.

1. “Kalian berdua tidak menikah demi cinta, tapi demi tanggung jawab” (“You two are not getting married for love, but for responsibility.”)

This quote, spoken by Tari`s father, sets the tone for the movie and highlights the pragmatic nature of the arranged marriage. Tari and Bian initially agree to the marriage to fulfill their family`s wishes and to address financial issues. This line underscores the fact that the marriage is not based on romantic love, but on the responsibilities that Tari and Bian have towards their families.

2. “Mempelai pria bersumpah tidak mencampuri urusan rumah tangga mempelai wanita” (“The groom vows not to interfere in the bride`s household affairs.”)

This quote is part of the traditional wedding vow that Bian takes during the wedding ceremony. It emphasizes the importance of respecting each other`s privacy and autonomy in a marriage. This line also foreshadows some of the conflicts that arise later in the movie when Bian tries to assert his control over Tari`s life.

3. “Kita jangan saling menyakiti, yang ada saling peduli” (“Let`s not hurt each other, but care for each other instead.”)

This quote is spoken by Bian during a pivotal scene in the movie where Tari feels neglected and misunderstood. It reflects Bian`s growing feelings for Tari and his desire to make the marriage work. This line epitomizes the movie`s central message that love requires empathy and understanding.

4. “Sejodoh itu urusan Tuhan, yang penting kita bisa menerima keputusan-Nya” (“Destiny is God`s business, what`s important is that we can accept His decision.”)

This quote is spoken by Tari`s mother when Tari is struggling with the idea of marrying a stranger. It reveals the family`s religious beliefs and their trust in God`s plan. This line also echoes the movie`s theme of accepting fate and finding happiness in unexpected places.

5. “Jangan pernah berhenti mencintai, karena cinta itu indah” (“Never stop loving, because love is beautiful.”)

This quote is spoken by Tari`s best friend and encapsulates the movie`s romantic spirit. It encourages viewers to believe in the power of love and to pursue it even in the face of adversity. This line also reflects the character`s growth throughout the movie as they learn to appreciate each other`s qualities and develop a genuine affection.

In conclusion, the quotes from Wedding Agreement capture the essence of the movie and its themes of marriage, love, and destiny. They provide a glimpse into the characters` emotions and motivations, and have resonated with audiences across Indonesia. Whether you`re a fan of romantic dramas or simply looking for inspiration, these “quotes di film Wedding Agreement” are definitely worth remembering.